As those familiar with Lee Academy know, we take pride in our outstanding academic achievements. With a 100% graduation rate, we prepare all of our students to be successful in higher education and in their chosen careers.

Our Kindergarten Program

Our early kindergartners begin their formal education at age three. Playing and learning go hand-in-hand as our young “Cubbies” take turns, share, and discover the joys of friendship in our all-day classes. In addition to social skills, they learn simple mathematics and language concepts as well as develop fine motor skills. These things will help prepare them to become successful students in the years that follow.

Honors Program

Our students who take part in our honors program find it fun and challenging. These programs allow students to explore the subject more in depth than they would in regular classes. We offer:

  • Honors English 10-12
  • Algebra II
  • Honors Biology
  • Concurrent Classes
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Advanced Math
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Honors Geometry

Our Spanish Program

Spanish 1, offered through MSAISnet, is an introduction to Spanish language and culture. Students learn to start with the basics of greetings and basic conversation, working to incorporate ideas from their life and experiences in Spanish conversation. This will be accomplished through written and verbal expression of the Spanish language. Students will also expand their learning into asking questions and using conversational skills throughout one’s neighborhood and daily life.

Finals Testing

Only students in grades 7–12 may be exempt. All students are required to take midterm exams for those classes that meet a full year. Students may be exempt according to the following scale:

  • First Semester: (half-year course) 90 average or higher with no more than 4 absences. 80-89 with no more than 2 absences
  • Second Semester: (yearly course) 90 average or above with no more than 8 absences. 80-89 with no more than 4 absences.