As those familiar with Lee Academy know, we take pride in our outstanding academic achievements. With a 100% graduation rate, we prepare all of our students to be successful in higher education and in their chosen careers.

Our Kindergarten Program

Our early kindergartners begin their formal education at age three. Playing and learning go hand-in-hand as our young “Cubbies” take turns, share, and discover the joys of friendship in our all-day classes. In addition to social skills, they learn simple mathematics and language concepts as well as develop fine motor skills. These things will help prepare them to become successful students in the years that follow.

Honors Program

Our students who take part in our honors program find it fun and challenging. These programs allow students to explore the subject more in depth than they would in regular classes. We offer:

  • Honors English 10-12
  • Algebra II
  • Honors Biology
  • Concurrent Classes
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Advanced Math
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Honors Geometry

Our Spanish Program

Along with outstanding Spanish instruction, our school provides students the opportunity to learn using the popular Middlebury Spanish program. This program is geared toward teaching students new vocabulary while engraving the presented information into their memories through structural, phonemic, and semantic processing. And, it’s fun!

Finals Testing

We require that all students in grades 7–12 take two finals from their core courses each semester. Students in grades 10–12 will take English and Science. Students in grades 7–9 will take Math and Social Studies. Students are not exempt from finals if they have been in any type of suspension. Students in grades 7–12 will be exempt from their other finals if they meet certain academic standards. Students may not take a test earlier than it is scheduled. Students must stay in class until the testing period is over.