Choose Us

Your child is the number one reason why you should choose Lee Academy. We provide all our students with a strong academic and social foundation that is unparalleled by any other school. Please take a look, and see why you need to send your child to Lee Academy.

Small Class Size

With a student/teacher ratio of 14:1, we offer your child the attention he/she deserves. Students interact with teachers on a level unattained by other schools. At Lee Academy, we have your child’s best interest at heart.

Supportive and Close Knit Community

Our student body is made up of about 300 of Marianna’s finest students. Because of this, our students spend their preschool through high school years with the same handful of friends, creating deep bonds and life-long friendships. Our students support each other in a way that can’t be found in other schools.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Because of our great reputation, Lee Academy has attracted some of Arkansas’s finest teachers. Our teachers are all highly qualified and trained in their respective subjects. Through our ongoing professional development training, our teachers continue to perfect their skills and become even better teachers.

State-of-the-Art Computer Lab

Every Lee Academy student enjoys our state-of-the-art computer lab. Our students use our computer lab to reinforce the lessons they learn in class through online research and interactive programs. We even offer computer courses to all of our elementary students, which will help them be even more successful in the 21st century.