Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer all of your questions about Lee Academy. After reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions our staff receives, if you would like further information, please take some time to review our school handbook (found in the Quick Links section on the Home page of this website). And as always, you are welcome to give us a call, any time, with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

What is the dress code for Lee Academy?

When considering what to wear to school, consider the fact that attire is not only a reflection of the individual student but also of the general learning environment. Students should wear clothing that portrays a self-respecting image. We ask that students do not wear clothing to school that distracts from the learning environment. Girls are to wear clothing that presents a lady-like appearance, while boys are to wear clothes that present a gentlemanly appearance. Students wear P.E. clothing only in the gymnasium or outside during physical education classes. As it is important to all of us here at Lee Academy to portray a professional appearance, we know that you will follow our guidelines for appropriate dress and grooming.

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What is your school’s attendance policy?

It is important that all students attend their classes regularly in order to gain a full knowledge of classroom material. Therefore, we have set forth guidelines on how many classes a student can miss or be tardy to before we will take disciplinary action. If a student reaches 10 absences for any given class period (per semester), both the student and their parents will receive a notice. Upon the 12th absence, we will schedule a meeting with the Absentee Committee to review the student’s individual case and decide upon the disciplinary action that will take place. We also advise students against being tardy to class. If a student reaches three tardies in a particular class during a nine week period, it will count as a day’s absence. As with all Arkansas schools, Lee Academy will not tolerate excessive absences or tardies without probable cause.

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What are the requirements to graduate from Lee Academy?

Please see our handbook for all graduation requirements.

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What is the grading scale?

We grade students on the standard A, B, C, D, and F scale. When reporting a student’s progress, we use the symbols “S” and “U” in reporting progress in the work and social skills listed under citizenship and conduct. “S” indicates satisfactory progress. “U” indicates unsatisfactory and need for improvement. The percentages we use to determine a student’s grade are as follows:

A+  100
A  94–99
A-  90–93

B+  87–89
B  84–86
B-  80–83

C+  77–79
C  74–76
C-  70–73

D+  67–69
D  64–66
D-  60–63

Below 60 is an F for failing.

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Is there a library that my child can use?

Lee Academy has a library stocked full of resources that students can use to expand their minds. Students are welcome to peruse our shelves and check out any books that interest them. Students may keep these books for up to two weeks. Students may also check out dictionaries for at-home use for homework, but they must return them by first period the following day. We encourage students to take full advantage of library resources.

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What is your school’s stance on drug testing?

We do not allow drug use in our school in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, all students in grades 7–12 are subject to mandatory drug tests. We also require any new secondary students coming into our school to take a drug test. Administration also reserves the right to administer random drug testing at its discretion. We have put this policy in place to keep our students safe.

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Can my child drive to school?

We do allow upperclassmen with valid driver’s licenses to drive themselves to school. We require that these students who wish to drive to school follow all driving rules and regulations that we have put in place. We will not allow any student in violation of these rules to drive to school. For more information and a complete list of driving rules, please see our Transportation page.

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Does Lee Academy provide bus transportation?

We provide school bus transportation for students who do not live within walking distance of Lee Academy. We also provide bus transportation for our sports teams traveling to away games. It is important that students who wish to ride a bus to and from school or to any sporting event follow all school bus rules. For more information and a complete list of school bus rules, please see our Transportation page.

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